Family-Friendly Fun in Manchester

Discover family-friendly activities in Manchester England! From award-winning plays to interactive exhibits & outdoor activities, there is something for everyone.

Family-Friendly Fun in Manchester

Are you looking for a great family-friendly experience in Manchester? Look no further! Manchester has a wide range of shows, interactive performances, craft workshops, and festivals that the whole family can enjoy. From award-winning plays and exhibitions to an exciting food and drink scene and a vibrant literary and musical culture, there is something for everyone.


- On Saturday, March 18th, The Bull and The Moon at the Cervantes Institute in Manchester is hosting a dramatic dance production.


- Preschoolers who love music can attend Dandylion & the Sad Stem at The Stoller Hall for an immersive musical workshop on March 26th.

Wild Science at Chester Zoo will take place from February 18 to March 5, and on March 5, you'll meet the curious and wonderful shape-shifting creature, the TooOb at Z-Arts. From March 17 to 26, children between 4 and 7 years old are invited to delve into the dark, dark and hilarious world of FunnyBones at The Lowry. In May, it will be time to enjoy family fun on the high seas at The Spongebob Musical at the Manchester Opera.

Interactive Exhibits

- The Kimpton Clocktower is a luxury hotel in a period building with touches of industrial design.

There are many interactive exhibits that show all the ways in which Manchester, the world's first industrial city, has contributed to science and technology. From independent markets to small meditations, spoon carving workshops and gallery visits, these are the headlines in the world of tours and activities.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

- Taking into account inclement weather, there are plenty of fun indoor and outdoor family events and activities that will take place in Manchester and the north over the next few weeks and months. If Manchester City is your team, head to the Eithad Stadium for an interactive tour with technology and artificial intelligence to immerse visitors in the world of Manchester City and Premier League football.

Unique Children's Activities - From taking a tour of the stadiums of the big teams to seeing what's going on behind the scenes at CBBC, there are tons of unique children's activities in Manchester for children of all ages. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore all that Manchester has to offer!.

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